26 Feb 2018

Edument 8 years!

Edument 8 years!

8 years ago Acke Salem and Tore Nestenius started Edument AB. To celebrate this we're offering great discounts!

19 Feb 2018

Brushing teeth and static checks

Brushing teeth and static checks

The three-year-old at home doesn't like having his teeth brushed. But I, a crafty father, have developed a trick.

11 Jan 2018

CSS selectors are evil and JS is the solution

A pragmatic demonstration of the drawbacks with CSS selectors, and how inline styles through JS solves these problems

18 Dec 2017

Top 5 Podcasts during Christmas

Top 5 Podcasts during Christmas

We at Edument would like to thank you for this year and wish you  a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with our top 5 Podcasts list!

19 Oct 2017

Invariants hidden in callbacks

Callbacks might look simple and innocent, but they can be dangerous!

18 Sep 2017

Expanding boundaries

What it means to boldly go where you have never been before

4 Sep 2017

How to create a course

I’ve always admired my colleagues work they’ve put into creating great and rewarding courses, I imagined it was a challenging and time-consuming task.  I can see the meaning of that now, because all of a sudden I am developing a course.